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An Insider's Guide to Bamboo Straws

An Insider's Guide to Bamboo Straws

Way back in 2012, bambu was the first brand to bring to market reusable bamboo straws. It was an innovative idea at the time. The first time most people had ever heard or seen, or certainly used a bamboo straw.

Once again, we were ahead of our time. Sales started out slow. We fielded a lot of questions from curious customers. Over the years, sales picked up steadily. And more bamboo straws were shipped and sipped and enjoyed.

By using biodegradable straws we are reducing the need for plastic straws. And that's good for everyone and good for the planet.  

Eco-friendly straws have become a core product of our range because of our high standards. Today, bambu® offers more choices of bamboo drinking straws than any other brand

While it is true, people can now find numerous sources for eco-friendly straws, there is only one source for the best quality, USDA certified organic bamboo straws in the world, and that's bambu®.

Moreover, we can tout that we offer the best quality bamboo straws anywhere. How can we say that? We have been producing reusable bamboo straws longer than any other company, and we have developed our own rigid quality control practices and inspection process. 

As a part of our production process, our bamboo drinking straws are inspected for acceptable size and diameter. Straws are also inspected and graded and must pass our requirements before we ship them out to our customers. 

Best Bamboo Straws

We also inspect the material for color consistency and uniformity. Nature is not always perfect so we try to be. 

As we often say, the simplest looking products are often the most difficult to make. And high-quality bamboo straws are no exception. 

inspecting and packing bamboo straws


Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws

bamboo straws by bambu

Original Green Bamboo Straws

OG is our shorthand for the 'original green' bamboo straws that we first introduced in 2012. The first bamboo straw to hit the market is still the most popular. These organic straws retain their original and natural green 'skin' hence, the name.

Each straw is inspected and meets our requirements before we pack them and ship them. Six eight-inch straws are included along with a straw cleaning brush. The brush isn't made from nylon like most but instead is made from a plant-based bristle.

Organic bamboo straws

More information is here

bambu also offers the original green straws in a large size. The OG Jumbo Bamboo Straws are perfect for smoothies and shakes.

Large Reusable Bamboo Straws

Get more info here

And for the kiddos, the OG Short Bamboo Straws are a favorite. 

Short Reusable Bamboo Straws

All of the above eco-friendly bamboo straws are sold under the Grubware® brand name carry the USDA certified organic seal. 

 Precision Bamboo Straws

Precision Bamboo Straws 

The newest reusable bamboo straws in our range is called Precision Bamboo Straws. These bamboo drinking straws are identical in size, shape, diameter, and circumference. We achieve this by applying our exacting utensil-making methods to bamboo straws. The result is a beautiful, uniformed and consistent from straw to straw.

Precision reusable straws

Precision Bamboo Straws

Like our OG biodegradable bamboo straws, the Precision bamboo drinking straws proudly carry the USDA certified organic seal. That's because only reusable bamboo straws from bambu, are made with certified organic bamboo, and then finished with organic linseed oil.

customer testimonials

single use drinking straws

Disposable Compostable Bamboo Straws

The newest addition to our range of bamboo straws is the single-use biodegradable bamboo straws. We have extended our straw making capability to create single-use, compostable, and biodegradable bamboo straws. These are beautiful, uniformed straws that are more durable than other disposable straws. They won't go flimsy like paper straws, and they will hold up longer than wheat straws. You already know they are a better option than plastic. These are ocean-friendly and human friendly. 

 Read more about our new disposable bamboo straws here.

 Single-use straws


Still thirsty for more straw info? Feel free to check out our Reusable Straw Buyers Guide - from Glass to Bamboo posted here

Straw Accessories

straw holders

Have straw will travel. An exquisite bamboo drinking straw deserves an exquisite case. We developed a uniquely superb case made from our fabulous cork fabric. We have taken our limited run embossed cork fabric and fashioned a snug fitting case for your bamboo straw. Or choose our original cork fabric for your bamboo straw holder. 

Plant-based Straw Cleaning Brush

If you need to pick up a superb straw cleaning brush for your reusable straws, then look no further. If we're going to fight plastic and eliminate petroleum-based ingredients, we couldn't offer a typical nylon brush. Ours is made from the sisal plant. A natural cleaning brush for cleaning your natural straw. 


bambu is your number one source for both reusable and disposable, biodegradable bamboo straws. Say no to plastic straws and yes to reusable bamboo straws. Enjoy your next beverage while sipping from nature.


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