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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Party

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Party

If you’re gearing up for some eco-friendly party planning, then you already know that there can be a lot of things to think about. Between food, decorations, and music, the simple essentials might easily slip between the cracks. And sometimes, you need to take something off your plate. Instead of worrying about fussy tableware, keep it simple (and eco-friendly) by using compostable bamboo plates. Not sure if they’ll fit your party style? Check out these simple and sustainable table settings and tips to get inspired with the perfect eco-friendly table setting!

Eco-Friendly Party Planning with Compostable Bamboo Plates

It’s time to get inspired for eco-friendly party planning with our bamboo Veneerware® green and elegant serveware. Our compostable Veneerware® bamboo plates have been the eco-friendly choice of dinnerware for countless parties, weddings, and events. Large and small, casual and formal, it doesn’t matter. Serving up good food to friends and family with elegant, stylish, and eco-friendly dinnerware is always a hit. The original bamboo plate, and the only plates and compostable cutlery that are made from Certified Organic bamboo, have a timeless style. Paired with eco-friendly bamboo napkins that offer luxury while still being compostable, there are many ways to style your party. To share some inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to style our compostable bamboo plates. There’s sure to be something to spark an idea for your next eco-friendly event! From birthday luncheons and outdoor events to receptions and picnics, we’ve seen Bambu Veneerware take center stage at a lot of eco-friendly parties!

Tips for Eco-Friendly Place Setting

Keep it simple

A big part of eco-friendly party planning is using only what you need. And really, you don’t need as much as you might think to put on a great event! So as you plan your table decorations, first look at the essentials. You’ll need compostable utensils, eco-friendly plates, and drinking glasses. After that, consider a few small details to complete the table- but don’t go over the top. After all, the easiest way to throw an eco-friendly event is to use less, not more.

Rent glassware and embrace mismatched style

Buying throwaway plastic cups can be easily avoided, removing a need for plastic from your party. Instead, look into glassware rentals for your event. You’ll be surprised by the options that exist nearby, and you’ll likely find something that fits your theme and color scheme perfectly. Another option for sourcing glassware sustainably is to make each place setting unique. Mismatch types of glassware from your own shelves and a few of your friends as well! You can return the favor later and together you’ll save the footprint that comes with making single-use drinkware!

Use live plants as centerpieces

Want to cut down on waste? Consider using live plants as your centerpieces. Often, exotic flowers are flown in from around the world for special event decorations. Not only does this create a large carbon footprint from their transportation, flowers only last so long until they begin to wither. Use something that’ll last long after your eco-friendly party planning is over by decorating with live plants. You can find small plants at your local nursery and add colors and patterns with pots or pot decorations. Even tying a ribbon around a plant pot adds a great pop of color! Once the party’s over, enjoy extra greenery all year long. Bonus: you can also give the plants away as thank you gifts after your eco-friendly event begins to wind down. If you don’t want to purchase something new, get creative by incorporating your house plants into the decorations. Adding a string of lights to a larger plant can create fantastic lighting as the sun goes down!

Let the food speak for itself

Sharing a meal is one of the best parts of any event, so why not let it take center stage. Rather than buying extra decorations for the table, complement your bamboo dinnerware with a few charcuterie and cheese boards. Plate your appetizers on simple but elegant bamboo serving boards. You’ll use them again and again in the future, and you can keep them looking event-ready with these simple bamboo care tips. If you do add in a few decorations in addition, the natural look of bamboo serving boards will blend in perfectly with whatever color palette you choose. If you’re serving a set of beverages, such as tea or coffee, use wooden trays to add in style without increasing your footprint. Want to keep it extra simple? Fill boards with a selection of fresh fruits. The bright colors will bring your table to life, and they’ll provide a tasty and refreshing snack! 

Party PlanningTips

Pre-Planning with Bambu Compostable Plates

When throwing an eco-friendly party, the hardest time to make sustainable choices is usually at the last minute. If you’re grabbing party essentials the morning before your event, chances are that you’ll need to pick up whatever you can find, even if it’s not eco-friendly.

Avoid this issue and stick with your eco-friendly party planning goals by pre-planning. Make a list and ensure you’ve got everything you’ll absolutely need covered during the early stages of your planning. A great way to get a head start is by checking out a Veneerware® sample box. In this, you’ll find an assortment of every type of compostable dinnerware that Bambu offers. So you’ll know what you want and exactly how it will look.

Not sure about the sturdiness of bamboo plates? Don’t take it from us, read this review of Veneerware®.

"We love using Bambu Veneerware plates where they are a wonderful alternative to disposable plastic plates. They are durable, sturdy, and leakproof, and the quality meets our demands for the best. The plate’s stylish design and neutral color blend seamlessly into various settings –from a seated luncheon to a casual picnic to a formal wedding." 

Keep the fun center stage when eco-friendly party planning with compostable dinnerware. You’ll keep your sustainable values going strong while style and ease won’t pay the price. 

Eco-Friendly Party Planning

Start eco-friendly party planning today: Shop compostable plates.


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