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Can Businesses Do Real Good? B Corp Companies Think So.

Can Businesses Do Real Good? B Corp Companies Think So.

Every purchase you make is like a little “vote” for the company you buy from – and the values you believe in. But it can be hard to know just what you’re supporting. So, how can you find businesses that match your values? That’s where B Corporations come in.

In the hustle and bustle  of everyday life, it’s easy for daily purchases to go on autopilot. After all, who has time to deep-dive into the company that makes their shampoo? Or their clothes- or even their cookware? Not to mention that in the overload of information and marketing, it’s difficult to know where and how to get reliable facts.

But every time you buy something, you choose to support a certain kind of business, and through them, a certain view of and future for the world.

Often, businesses can be singularly focused on the bottom line– Profit. What happens along the way, like the welfare of their employees or their impact on the planet we all share, isn’t their top priority.

When you buy from B Corp businesses, your purchasing power goes towards companies working towards a more equitable future. Here’s what that impact can look like:

B Corps

A Force For Good

Traditionally, businesses have been proven successful by their bottom line. The more money they made, the “better” they were. But it’s not hard to point out the drawbacks of this business model. Unfair (and sometimes dangerous) working conditions. Clear cutting of forests, messy oil spills, and a general disregard for the environment. The use of toxic ingredients that harm customers. All in the name of profit. So, in 2006, a new way of defining “good” business was created. 

B Corporations 101

Rather than focus solely on profit, the B Corp certification supports businesses that balance profit with a positive impact, sustainability, and transparency. As a voluntarily completed, third-party verified certification, this status isn’t easy to get. But the companies that have it are vetted for their positive impact on the world.

Is B Corp Ethical?

This logo is a stamp of approval that a business is committed to doing good. B Corp companies are held to ethical standards in every aspect of their business. They commit to a triple bottom line– people, planet, and profit.  

This means that these businesses are legally required to provide safe workplaces with reasonable working hours and fair wages. They must be transparent about their environmental impact and work to minimize it through sustainability initiatives. Being ethical isn’t about one issue. This is why B Corp companies commit to a myriad of positive choices.

Is B Corp Meaningful?

This certification is extremely meaningful. In order to gain this status, a business must legally rewrite its charter to accept accountability for all stakeholders. Not just to shareholders, but to their customers, workers, and the environment.  

And to even be considered for certification? Businesses must first score an 80 or higher on the B Corp impact assessment. This process doesn’t just require full transparency. It requires all B Corp companies to meet high standards of social responsibility and sustainability. How high? There are approximately 333 million businesses in the world. And only 6,000 meet the B Corp standards.

B Corp Products Are Different– From The Start

So, what can you expect when you choose B Corp Products? It’s about a lot more than just what’s in the package. B Corporations are judged based on five categories: governance, workers, environment, community, and customers. Between the categories, they must garner at least 80 points. So, when you choose B Corp products, they’ll be made with some (or all) of these aspects in mind.

B Corp Sustainability And Environmental Impact

While B Corp sustainability varies between businesses, the environment must be a part of every business model. Companies vow to work towards and look for the most planet-friendly solutions possible. They must prove the use of safe ingredients, and find alternatives to harmful processes and materials.

With a wide range of business types, this looks different for each. Some focus on reducing emissions and remediating damaged areas. Others, like Bambu, garner extra sustainability points by only using abundant, renewable resources. Like bamboo and hemp. And while it’s not a requirement, many B Corps are also 1% For The Planet Members. This means that on top of their rigorous certification, they donate 1% of their sales to vetted NGOs focused on the environment. 

Social Impact: Community and Customers

Many businesses aim to benefit the world by giving back to the communities they operate in. This could look like charitable donations to communities in need, locally-focused economic development projects. Or, a focus on creating a diverse and equitable workforce.

When it comes to customers, B Corp companies are judged on their ability to provide quality, life-improving products and services. This aspect of certification can also include products that directly improve a particular social problem. Businesses like this leave a positive impact on the people they work with and sell to. 

Economic Impact: Governance and Workers

For too long, the majority of money a business made went to the few in charge of it. B Corp values aim to make this split more equitable. And, to make sure the business is headed in the right direction.

The governance of each B corporation is assessed closely. They must prove transparency and showcase an ethical mission. And, they are rewarded for having a diverse, minority-led business.

When it comes to workers, their rights and voices must be respected. Employees must earn a fair wage and are offered safe and harassment-free workplaces. And, many businesses are proud to offer additional career development opportunities. As well as business models that give employees a stake in the business they work for.

So, Why Choose B Corporations?

The number of products and services available today can be frankly overwhelming. Discerning good from bad, from truly green to greenwashing. It's a lot to handle! And even when you want to make an ethical choice. It can be difficult to tell the green from the bad. 

When you choose to buy B Corp products, you’ll know exactly what standards they’re held to. From B corp sustainability to fair labor practices, these businesses are forces for good. So you can buy knowing that your dollars go to a business that cares about more than the bottom line. Because when people and the planet thrive, good business does too.

B Corp companies hold one of the most trusted and rigorous certifications for responsible businesses, and we are proud to be one of them

Don’t you wish there was a place where you could shop from entirely ethical businesses? Now, there is. Use your purchasing power for good and explore the B Corp Marketplace! 

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