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This Indispensable Spatula May Surprise You

This Indispensable Spatula May Surprise You

You don't need a wok to appreciate the useability of this fine tool bambu® first introduced in 2019. The Bamboo Wok Spatula has quickly become our favorite tool in the kitchen. And in another, it has reached 'indispensable' status. Why? Read on...

Wok Spatula 

The Wok Spatula has changed how we cook. It is our most used utensil among our kitchen wares. 
And here's a secret - we don’t even own a Wok. But a recent read in The Food Lab is going to change that right away. Read why below.
But before we share the attributes of wok cooking, let us share what makes this spatula such a delight to use in the kitchen for almost any type of cooking. Most of us have a lot of cooking utensils to choose from. But like most people, we tend to reach for our favorites. The few we use most often, the 'go to' kitchen utensils. This spatula is that. 
In designing this bamboo utensil, it was immediately apparent that the curve of the bamboo culm forms a near-perfect arc to create the spatula head. The width and arc of the head plus the thin head creates a tool that scrapes and moves food around almost any pan with ease. We most often use a cast iron pan. The wok spatula moves food around efficiently and effortlessly. It pairs up perfectly with our well-seasoned 10" cast iron. Bamboo cooking utensils don't scratch, nor do they take on or transfer heat. Plus, it's super lightweight and cleans up easily. 
Wok bamboo spatula
Making our signature salmon hash recipe
Because it is made from a single piece of certified organic bamboo, this spatula (or any of our cooking utensils) doesn't contain any glues or lacquer coatings or anything unnatural. Before packaging it up, we apply certified organic linseed oil. Kitchenwares that are made with nothing but nature. 
The Wok Spatula is a part of our Asian collection. Like all bambu brand bamboo cooking tools, it carries the USDA certified organic seal because all our bamboo is certified annually, and we use certified organic finishing oil. 

Asian cooking wok bamboo spatula

Asian Collection:  Wok Spatula, Chopsticks, Rice Paddle and Bamboo Tongs

We designed a collection of tools to be used together or individually for home cooking. All our kitchen utensils are cut and hand-finished from certified organic bamboo. 

The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez-Alt
An excerpt from The Food Lab
...stir fry does taste better when made in a wok because a good stir fry is not simply about the temperature the metal reaches. It’s about correct tossing and aerosolization of fats and juices and they leap up beyond the edges of the work…. It’s about the ability to rapidly heat and cool a piece of food as you flip it over and over through the different heat zones created by the pan. 
...the slightly smoky, charred, metallic flavor that only comes from a seasoned pan heated to ripping-hot temperatures. 
The ideal choice for deep-frying, steaming and indoor smoking. For the author, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, ‘ is by far the most commonly used pan in my kitchen.’
The best Woks are inexpensive. Carbon steel is the best bet. With a 4-5 inch wide flattened area at the bottom. With our without handles. We prefer hand-hammered carbon steel. 
Deep frying in a wok is vastly superior. The wide sides mean less mess, less oil spatter. The shape makes it easier to maneuver food, leading to crisper, more evenly cooked results. 
Steaming is easier in a wok. More surface area for steaming. Bamboo steamers are designed to fit directly in a wok and are stackable too for two or three tiers of food. Can’t do that in a Dutch oven.
A good case to include a wok in your home kitchen wares. But you needn't a Wok to appreciate our Bamboo Wok Spatula. It has changed the way we and others cook.
Buy the Wok Spatula here for $6.30. And if we convinced you that it is a good time to add a wok to your cooking equipment, we recommend that you go to The Wok Shop for a full selection of woks. 

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