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Raves for our All-Purpose, Time Saving, Tiny Tool

Raves for our All-Purpose, Time Saving, Tiny Tool

Here at bambu, we have designed and made hundreds of products over our 14 years. There is one product, in particular that has won the attention, the love and the imagination of our customers more than any other.

To simply call it a Pot and Pan Scraper doesn't do it justice. But as a scraper to get your pots and pans clean, there isn't a better option. 

bamboo scraper

A few quotes from customers who love our bamboo pot scraper

“It’s one of my absolute favorite tools,”

"...removes stickers and wax from any surface.”

"my favorite tool in the kitchen."

Read more from the editors of Real Simple magazine in this article, The $7 Cleaning Gadget that Real Simple Editors Swear By at the link here

There is more about this essential bamboo tool here in our Indispensible Tool blog post. 

Customers have shared numerous ideas and purposes for our Pot Scraper. Read some of the ideas in our blog posts. Here's one. If it's still Winter where you are, then keep one in your car

pot and pan scrapers and bamboo sporks

Our bamboo pot and pan scraper is made from a single piece of certified organic bamboo without glues, lacquers, and of course, no plastic. Hurray!

It's designed with a different radius on all for sides to insure you can get at and clean out any nook or edge of a pan. But that's just one use. 

Buy the only bamboo Pots and Pans Scraper you'll ever need. Visit our Bambu Shop to check out our bamboo scrapers. 

Bamboo Scrapers Set of 4 - only $9. Buy here.

Scarf N Scrape set includes 2 Pot Scrapers + 4 Bamboo Sporks. Only $12 here

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