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Customer Favorite - Fancy Disposable Plates for the Holidays

Customer Favorite - Fancy Disposable Plates for the Holidays

With the signature scalloped edge, plate-to-plate perfection and natural tone, get fancy for the holidays with bamboo fancy disposable plates.

Each Veneerware® plate is made of organic bamboo, a renewable and sustainable resource. Making it easy for you to ditch the plastic and forget about doing the dishes this holiday season. Sold in two sizes, you can choose what fits your needs, either 7’’ appetizer and dessert plates, or 11’’ dinner plates.

elegant disposable plates

Go for all-natural with these design tips from bambu®:

  1. Use natural foliage and flora. Shop your local market or backyard for your holiday flower arrangements or plant-based table runner. The colors, smells and style will not only look great but can be composted after your holiday party. Style with evergreen clippings, pine cones, holly, and citrus to add a dash of color.
  2. Use our elegant disposable plates and other dinnerware: From our line of fancy plates and matching utensils to luxurious dinner and cocktail napkins, everything you need for your holiday gathering can be found at bambu®. Not only are our plates sturdier than paper, they are consistent in style and color, as are our utensils. Go green and enjoy your dinner guilt-free.
  3. Plan a seasonal menu. Shop at your local market for food that is in season and organic. You don’t want chemicals on your dinnerware, why would you want them on your food? Try kale salads, beets, squash and other winter vegetable varieties for your party. Meat eater? Buy organic turkeys and meats from your local butcher.

    Fancy Guidelines:

    1. Pinky Up: This is always rule number one.
    2. Scalloped Edge: Match your plates by taking a scalloped-edge craft scissors to your napkins.
    3. Cheers: Champagne is for the birds, have a signature cocktail instead and use our reusable bamboo straws to double as drink stirrers.
    4. Easy Clean Up: Don’t get your hands dirty, compost your plates, napkins and utensils after a successful night of entertaining.
    5. Table Art: With some simple folds, turn your napkins into a mini work of art.
    6. Dress Up: Boost your confidence with a stunning outfit, and try reusing something you already have or going vintage.
    7. Set the Mood: Use soy-based candles, twinkle lights and put on your favorite holiday playlist. Spice it up with Suites from Les Yeux Noirs.

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    Share with us how you #getfancy this holiday season.

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