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Laundry Tools. Keep in Mind Nature and Natural.

The folks over at iVillage published a recent post on 'Laundry Must- Haves' for an efficient laundry room. That post is here ( 

There are over 20 products that are listed. Some are sort of smart. Others seem really dumb.


Comments at the end of the post is what we found interesting...


"not ONE of them is what I would call a "must have"


And, from another reader....


"Who's going to pay $98 for a box to put  laundry supplies in?"


 What do you think?


What we noticed that nowhere among the suggested products was there any suggestions to be more efficient in the laundry room. It was mostly a bunch of 'can do without' products made from a bunch of plastic.


So, here's our suggestion. Clothespins. Simple, no-rust bamboo clothespins. We have them. And they come in an unbleach cotton bag. 25 clothespins to air dry your clothes. Bring nature into the task. And you got extra bamboo clothespins to keep bags closed, and paper, photos or whatever bundled together. No plastic. And you won't have to wonder, 'what am I going to use these for?'


Theres more good info and some stats here. And if you want to buy some real good clothespins, Shop Here.  Use this discount code: AIROUT and we'll make it a little sweeter with a 15% discount. 


Plus, all orders on bambuShop in April, get our 'extra un-ordinary' bamboo skewers FREE with your order.


It's Spring....and that's a good thing.

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