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5 Eco Brands Unite to Promote Non Plastic for Earth Day. Sip on that!

When you combine a great idea with a good product, and join with other like-minded brands, then you create something pretty special. And that is worth celebrating.  And over 1000 people who are going to get involved.


The fine folks over at Glass Dharma have teamed up with 4 great brands to share in the message of 'less plastic, less waste,' and more enjoyment from eco friendly products.


bambu along with EcoLunchBoxesEco Bags, and PureStainless are offering valuable discounts to our non-plastic products. Cool idea. 


Over 1000 beautiful glass straws are being given away to people who are willing to make a pledge to a less plastic, more thoughful,  way of being. And to further sweeten (no artifical sweetners here!) the exchange for a pledge, each of the four companies are offering discounts to their products. Our collective 'thank you' for making a softer impact.

Glass Jar in KumbuchaNaturally, we had to sample the Dharma glass straw. And we love it! Shown here right at home in our special Kombucha brew (we have our special recipe we are happy to share). Also great for morning smoothies.

Here's what the Pledge looks like....


    1. I will seek plastic alternatives by researching everyday items and finding manufacturers that supply plastic-free alternatives, like Glass Dharma straws, ECOlunchbox stainless food containers, Pura stainless steel reusable water bottles, ECOBAGS organic cotton bags, bambu kitchen & travel ware
    2. I will rethink each purchase (How long will I use/need this item? Where will it go once I have finished using it?)
    3. I will shop locally whenever possible to support my local community and to reduce shipping energy.
    4. I will keep reusable bags, reusable water bottles, reusable straws and reusable food containers close at hand for shopping, traveling and eating out at Restaurants.
    5. I will use my personal power to "choose what I use" and serve as an example for others in making a difference!

Join with us.....make less impact!....enjoy more.


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