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Scenes From Our Workshop

Many of our customers and friends know that we have our feet on the ground, and maintain a base in Shanghai, and have for the last decade. 

We have a small team that looks after the development and production of our range of products.

Shanghai is a vibrant city. A city of stark contrasts and of contradictions; ancient and super modern, old and young, fast and slow, monied and poor, urban and quant. Cars that were once an unattainable luxury have become commonplace, clogging the lanes, roads and thoroughfares.

Shanghai vehicles

Shanghai: A city of contrasts. A race car parked on a tiny residential lane around the corner from the whicker vendor bicycle man.

Travel a few hours outside of the big city, and things change quickly. This week we traveled to visit our workshop team 4 1/2 hours outside of Shanghai. A slower pace and a simpler life, with strong family bonds, basic tools and handmade skills.

Some people might perceive our cutting boards and bamboo utensils to be produced in a factory environment with big scale machines and automation. Here's a sneak peek at the people who make our products and the environment where they work and live.

bambu workshop that makes bamboo cutting boards

Bicycles to work, simple tools, occasional tea breaks, lots of hand work, and lots of sand paper. One piece at a time.

Yuen (pictured above) is a workworker who has worked with us for more than six years. Shown here, he is sanding our new bamboo Knife Fork & Spork sets getting them ready for the next order. 

Made one piece at a time. More on our Travel Utensil Sets here. $13.00





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