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We are Celebrating Hemp Week. Here's Why, and What it Means to You.

bambu is joining in the celebration of Hemp Week 2014 which kicks off June 2nd. We had the idea to use this occasion to share the many magnificent benefits associated with growing, using and enjoying Hemp product.

We're also offering our readers a 20% discount to purchase products in our Hemp Denim collection. We invite you to shop with us and share our appreciation for Hemp. Use this code at checkout: bambu4Hemp20 valid throughout Hemp week.

People think 'hemp' and imagine a material that is coarse and heavy and uncomfortable. Not with our stuff. Our products are a blend of Hemp and Organic Cotton. They are surprisingly soft like linen, but super durable too.


Here's our lineup. Give us a try. There's more details at the links below.


Baby's Bib   $12

Chopsticks and Travel Pouch  $6


Utensil Set and Travel Pouch   $12

Maker's Apron   $40

Adjust-A-Bowl   $22


Hemp Twine    $7.25

20% off the above prices during Hemp Week by using this code: bambu4Hemp20

We introduced Hemp into our range this year because it truly is a remarkable renewable fiber and, well, we are about Renewable Ideas.

As an agriculture product, Hemp offers numerous advantages that might surprise you. The benefits are well told in this new documentary, Bringing It Home, which makes a compelling case to bring Hemp farming back to American soil.


We are participating in Hemp Week a couple of different ways. As fans of Hemp, we want to share our enthusiasm for this renewable resource.


During the week we will be tweeting surprising Hemp Facts daily #hempfacts #hempweek everyday from our twitter feed. Read, discover, retweet. We are also posting on bambu's FacebookPinterest and Instagram channels too.


We want to get people to know the facts and benefits of Hemp. It's a fiber for the future. And a fiber deep in our history.  

Did you know?


#HempFacts The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.

There's more to learn and share. Follow us on social media  June 2-8 to learn more!



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