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Our Top Camping Cooking Accessories

Our Top Camping Cooking Accessories

Whether you’re just getting started or already an experienced camper, if you love cooking amazing food in the great outdoors these are the top camping cooking accessories you’ll need. We’ve compiled our favorite gear for a fully stocked, eco-friendly camp kitchen, from tongs to biodegradable dinnerware.

You’ve got your camp stove, pots and pans, and cooler packed for your next camping trip, but what about the tools and accessories you’ll need every meal? Here’s our list of essential camping cooking accessories. Plus, everything on our list is made out of bamboo, making each item sustainable and eco-friendly.

8 Best bambu® Camping Cooking Accessories:

Camping Utensils

  1. Long Handled Spoon: Eating food on-the-go is a lot easier with our extra long-handled spoon. Never again struggle to get to the bottom of the bag!

    Bamboo skewers

    1. Skewers: Use these bamboo skewers for easy and delicious camp cooking, and once you’re done throw them away or burn them guilt-free.


      3. Spoontula: A spatula and a spoon combined—the perfect camper cooking companion. This tool serves both purposes and saves you room to pack other cooking accessories.


      1. Pot Scrapers: For the most efficient, waste-free camper, you’ll need these compact bamboo pot scrapers to get every last drop from your dinner and to clean up afterwards.

      Outdoor cutting board

      1. Cutting Board: Compact and lightweight our small bamboo cutting board is a must-have for your camper kitchen. This accessory is durable and will last for many trips to come. Read the full article on bamboo cutting board care.
      Compostable Plates
      1. Compostable Plates & Utensils: Our line of Veneerware® dinnerware and utensil sets was made for eating on-the-go. Use these bamboo plates, knives, forks and spoons on your next camping trip, and when you’re finished they will compost in 4-6 months. Choose from round, square or even fancy plates for your trip. Each style comes in a variety of sizes depending on your camping needs.


          1. Sporks: Explore our selection of Sporks, from the more traditional design to our compact mini Sporks. Read more about why the Spork is a backpacking essential.
          Kitchen Towel
          1. Kitchen Towel: Although not technically bamboo, this camping cooking accessory made the list. A kitchen towel or two is a must-have for your camper kitchen and our towels are all Organic.

          Some of our favorite camping meals are pretty easy—veggie skewers, a fresh salad, a one-pot hash. And each of these requires at the very least utensils, which is why it is so important for us to create renewable utensils and accessories so future generations can enjoy their camping trips as much as we have enjoyed ours.

          Have other bambu® favorites that you like to pack for your camping trips? Let us know in the comments below and explore our full line of bambu® Outdoor products.


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