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We went back to nature to create disposable dinnerware that offers supreme durability while bringing elegance to any table. Choosing compostable shouldn’t mean compromising. In fact, the right disposable solution should enhance your events. 

And the answer is right in your hands.  

Veneerware® is a line of dinnerware that offers a refined look for all occasions. Made from certified organic bamboo, our line of compostable plates, cutlery, and serving accessories are eco-friendly, sturdy, and lightweight. 

Your events deserve a consistent look and feel, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering plates that stack evenly and cleanly, unlike other natural options, such as palm leaf plates. With a blemish-free finish, Veneerware plates pair effortlessly with matching bamboo cutlery. When the occasion calls for it, our bamboo plates also often compliment stainless cutlery with ease.

For a complete table setting, we offer luxurious, single-use bamboo fiber napkins. Veneerware is designed to elevate your events. It’s the first and only certified compostable solution made from certified, organic bamboo. We’ve harnessed the subtle elegance of nature, so your events can shine.

The Bambu® Difference

As small business owners ourselves, we know that details matter. Our plates and cutlery pass through a multi-step quality check and inspection process for quality, consistency and hygiene. When you choose Bambu®, you’re guaranteed easy ordering, fast delivery, and a product that you can trust.

Ready to experience the Bambu® Difference?

A Complete, Compostable Solution

Now, more than ever, your clients are looking for sustainable, low impact solutions. In fact, over 60% of consumers say they are more likely to choose a business that has environmentally friendly practices. Choosing compostable products isn’t just better for the planet, it’s better for your business.

Affordable and Environmentally Conscious

Choosing compostable just might save you money, too. Reusable dinnerware requires additional labor, storage, and upkeep. Between more hours spent washing dishes after every event and the additional space needed to store reusable dinnerware, costs can quickly add up. And, we are faced with water shortages in many states. Using less water for clean up makes good enivornment sense too. 

When you switch to Veneerware, you’ll find a convenient, minimalist solution that requires less labor, less water, and reduced overhead costs. All the while, your events with benefit from our elegant, natural look.

Durability When You Need It Most

You need products that you can rely on. That’s why Veneerware dinnerware is sturdier than other options on the market, while remaining extremely lightweight. After all, it’s made from the strongest woody plant on Earth.

Designed to last through long events and handle any meal with ease, you can trust that Veneerware plates won’t leak. In fact, many of our customers find it hard to believe that they really are single-use. And our softly spun bamboo fiber napkins are often mistaken for cloth. No more going through piles of napkins in a single event– these will easily last through a full meal.

Elegance Fit For Any Occasion

Whether you’re offering daily service or planning for a special event, Veneerware is your one-stop solution. Thanks to the consistent grain and color of natural bamboo, neutral, organic bamboo can blend in (or stand out), no matter the reason or the season.. Save yourself time, money, and streamline your inventory by choosing a line of dinnerware that’s suitable for any occasion. 

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