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12 Unique and Eco-Friendly Table Decor Ideas For Thanksgiving

12 Unique and Eco-Friendly Table Decor Ideas For Thanksgiving

When you’re deciding on table decor, Thanksgiving can be a tricky holiday. After all, with so much food on the table, there often isn’t room for much else! These 16 ideas will help you plan fall table decor that leaves room for the most important part- sharing a table with loved ones.

12 Ideas for Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Decor

Upcycle glass bottles and jars

Even if you cook your fall feast from scratch, an uptick in glass bottles and jars is nearly unavoidable during the holidays. Give them a second life by adding them to your Thanksgiving table setting. For small jars, consider using a ribbon to attach place cards to the mouth of the jar. Larger glass bottles are perfect for holding flowers, leaves, and other decorative items. Place candles inside of amber-colored glass to create a cozy ambiance. 

Make an inexpensive table runner from Kraft paper

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving can be a messy holiday. If you’d rather skip the post-dinner stain removal from your favorite linens, opt to make a DIY table runner. Because it comes in a natural tan color, Kraft paper is well suited for fall table decor. Make this piece of inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor your own by adding paint, ribbons, or stenciling in a monogrammed logo.

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Make food the centerpiece this Thanksgiving

It’s only natural to incorporate food into table decor ideas for Thanksgiving. And, it’s a great way to keep your decor plastic-free. If you already have a nice fruit bowl, use fall-colored produce like squash, grapes, pomegranate, and apples to add color. Then, embellish with sprigs of fresh herbs or greenery from the local market.

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Decorate with backyard bounty, and add a little (biodegradable) glitter

There’s a plethora of fall table decor ideas waiting just outside your door. Bring the outside in by collecting pine cones, colorful fall leaves, and some evergreen foliage. Create a long runner of natural decor, or place the items in glass bowls and vases. Then, add a touch of shine! A little glitter goes a long way, so this fall table decor idea won’t take you much time at all. Pick up a small flask of biodegradable glitter (or, opt for confetti made from dried flowers). Then, sprinkle a small amount around your backyard finds. Once the celebration is over, you rest easy knowing that these all-natural pieces of table decor will decompose all on their own.

Embellish your plates

If you really don’t have much room on your table for decor, make the place settings work double duty! Use a wood burner to add designs, wording, or monogramming to compostable bamboo plates. This unique table decor idea will surely have your guests talking (and it won’t cause any messy clean-up when the party is over). 

Involve live table decor elements

Don’t underestimate the power of plants to liven up your table scene! Stop by your local plant nursery to pick up a few bunches of seasonal blooms, and arrange them in several small vases. Or, if you’re already nurturing several houseplants, play with adding some of your smaller pots to the table. In particular, dark, leafy plants fit in easily with fall table decor elements. To finish it off, embellish your pots with strands of ribbon or raffia. 

Showcase the bare beauty of your table

Show off your naturally beautiful table this Thanksgiving. A dark wood table shines when paired with a simple white table runner and a few colorful touches. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the most beautiful option of all.

Table Decor Ideas for Fall

Share and borrow with friends and neighbors for inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor

Before heading to the store, turn to your friends, family, and neighbors for table decor ideas for Thanksgiving. It’s the season of sharing, right? If you’re hosting for a group, consider asking guests to bring a piece of decor that you admire. They’ll enjoy being able to contribute. And together, you’ll save unnecessary items from being produced. 

Repurpose your wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for doors. In fact, upcycling your wreath into a centerpiece is a time saving and inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor idea. For floral-heavy wreaths, consider filling the inner circle with a large candle (or, a collection of smaller candles). If your wreath features more dried elements, place a vase of flowers in the center to add some life.

Let your serving items do the work

With beautiful charcuterie boards taking center stage at many events, consider planning your appetizers into your table decor ideas. Use naturally attractive items like bamboo serving trays and boards as your canvas. Then, allow the colorful mix of textures and types of finger foods to do the rest. Table decor ideas for Thanksgiving

Make candles the centerpiece

There’s a reason that candles are a fall table decor staple. The warm, flickering light they provide offers ideal ambiance. This year, look through your candle collection for colorful candles that haven’t been put to use yet. Interspersed with white or cream, you can put those colorful spares to work without overpowering the table. If you’re purchasing new candles, look for those that are made from soy wax or beeswax. And, look for candles with non-lead wicks! These simple choices can keep your table decor safe, non-toxic, and low-impact. 

Make gratitude the main course

Why not use table decor ideas for Thanksgiving that have a deeper meaning? Turn small sheets of paper into gratitude lists, and leave one on each guest's plate, or next to their napkin. Before beginning your meal, leave time to share. Afterwards, visitors can go home with a small reminder of their personal ‘Thanksgiving.’

It takes less than you might think to put together fantastic and inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor. By leaving room for what matters and keeping it simple, your table decor for fall can stay eco-friendly, stylish, and inexpensive!

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