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Bamboo in the Kitchen: The Number One Choice for Flavor, Sustainability and Style

Bamboo Utensils: The Number One Choice for Flavors, Sustainability and Style

When it comes to chic kitchen and dining ware, few materials are causing quite as big a stir as bamboo. This natural wonder is conveniently light, and, when hand-cut and finished, lends itself to beautiful creations which are very modern in their simplicity and minimalism. Bamboo can provide a sturdy or elegant look, its modern beauty evident in items such as Bambus ultra-fine, compostable Veneerware® plates  and cutlery.

bambu Veneerware

If you are new to the bamboo scene, or you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, read up on just a few reasons why, when it comes to preparing and enjoying a meal, nothing makes the moment quite as special, as bamboo


* Bamboo Utensils Enhance the Natural Flavors of Food:

Forget about the value being born ‘with a silver spoon in your mouth’; if any baby stands a chance of developing into a true gourmet when he grows up, his first puree had better be served with a bamboo spoon! Most chefs will tell you that they never use metal cutlery to taste-test the meals they prepare, since their highly sophisticated palates easily detect the unpleasant, bitter, metallic taste left behind. This is especially true in the case of acidic foods like fruit and or vinegar-based sauces, which strip metal off cutlery, significantly altering a dish’s natural flavor. Bamboo cutlery has the added bonus of not absorbing odors, so it never hampers meals with unwanted aromas.


bambu Veneerware utensils

*Bamboo Utensils are the Healthiest Choice:

If you are concerned about the potential of your family ingesting metal or toxins when they sit down for a meal, then you should avoid both plastic and metal cutlery. Plastic cutlery is not made to stand the test of time: it develops tiny cracks through regular use and its edges melt and curve slightly when washed under hot water. This creates spaces where bacteria can thrive. In fact, simply cleaning plastic repeatedly can cause it to degrade.




Bamboo, on the other hand, is incredibly heat-resistant and boasts powerful anti-bacterial properties that make it an ideal choices for cutting boards, cutlery, plates and serving trays. Health buffs will be pleased to learn that all Bambu utensils are made of certified organic bamboo, and are completely free of glues, adhesives or lacquers (which can be toxic).

Bambu brand utensils are the only eating utensils that have been granted the USDA Organic Seal. Bambu sustainably sources its bamboo.




(Missi Hathaway is a graduate of International Business and Journalism. She currently works as a freelance writer, creating articles on topics from global economics to sustainability issues. She is a mother of two and enjoys hiking with her family)

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