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Green Housewares - a Case Study of Success

Last month, bambu attended the International Housewares Show in Chicago, among the thousands of exhibitors, and over 60,000 attendees from more than 40 countries, there were a couple of events that signaled greater attention and more discussion about sustainability in the industry. And we're thrilled to see this take.....well, not center stage.....but a stage, nonetheless.

A prime example of this, is a presentation given by Deb Singer, the founder of Singer Sustainability. Ms. Singer shared a insightful presentation that brought forth several key principles that lead to success in the marketplace. And used three example companies to illustrate her points.

We were delighted (and, admittedly a little humbled), to be cited as one of the companies that gets it right. The other is a company we have long admired, Preserve. Nothing wasted. Everything gained. The fine folks at Preserve are creating solutions and solving problems in fresh and colorful ways.

Link to the presentation here -

Deb Singer is no stranger to the world of sustainability. bambu first connected with Deb Singer during her tenure at Whole Foods where she guided the organization towards Whole Living, a whole new store concept. In her talk, she shares her experience and knowledge to offer a relevant perspective on sustainability in housewares.

While sustainability was the focus, design considerations are essential. Being 'green' is not enough. And it echos an idea that we frequently remind ourselves of,

'it is not just about your beliefs, or your words, but about your actions.'

Green Products Exhibition
Another example of the 'green movement' building momentum in the industry is the focus the industry is putting on innovative and new products. Green Products Exhibition featured products that use alternative materials, are designed for disassembly, or that add value through social and environmental benefits. bambu had four products selected for this exhibition. Hybrid Cutting Board Series, for the first time introducing bamboo and cork together - two highly renewable materials. Our wonderfully organic and charming 'Coco Bowls' made from reclaimed coconut shells, and our Spork & Cork.

Green Products Exhibition

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