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Doing Good Work in Ecuador

There is a small but dedicated group involved in one of the most rich and biologically diverse ecosystems in the world in Western Ecuador. We're big believers in the good work that is occurring there these days thanks to our friends at Third Millennium Alliance.

When we first learned about the work of Jerry Toth and his team at 3rd Millennium Alliance we were moved by their genuine commitment to tackle a serious problem, and do it at the source. The severity and scale of the problem in this particular ecosystem in the Ecuadorian rainforest is immense, and in many ways, reflects the same challenges we all face on our planet as a whole - the need for biodiversity preservation, and habitat protection, and to overcome land exploitation.

A critical component to their work is finding Sustainable Alternatives to logging, cattle ranching and other exploitative industries by the rural communities in the area there. That's where Bamboo comes in. The team is demonstrating the value of this important renewable resource and re-educating local farmers to utilize this resource. Our latest donation reforests 25 acres of native bamboo which provides former loggers an economic alternative. Moreover, in 3-4 years when this bamboo is ready to start harvesting, there will hopefully be no more motive to log the timber forests because bamboo will be the building material of choice. We love that!

We first introduced 3M Alliance on our blog here back in August. Learn about our association and the work of Third Millennium Alliance here under our PARTNERS & ASSOCIATIONS section of our website.

The command center in this preserve in the Jama-Coaque reserve is the newly constructed bamboo house. Here are a few pictures.

More pictures of the bamboo house can be viewed here. More information is available here.

The work of Third Millennium is inspiring to all of us at bambu. We encourage readers to learn more and lend your support.

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