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Like Minds series - Social Business - Muhammad Yunus

 We’re inspired by many. There are a number of good people doing good things in the world around us. People and groups who are focused on a cause, provide a unique insight into the world, serve others, and solve problems.

We’ll regularly be sharing with our community these organizations and people who catch our attention, stretch our thinking and shape our minds.

 This week our focus is on Grameen Foundation, an organization dedicated to poverty alleviation and founded on the principles of Grameen Bank. And one we have recently become involved (bambu Partners and Associations) We are fortunate to be associated with the Grameen Foundation, an organization

I have just had the opportunity to read Muhammad Yunus' new book,Creating a World without Poverty - Social Business and the Future of Capitalism and have written guest blog on the Grameen site about my impressions, and thoughts both as an avid reader, admirer and promoter of the work of Grameen, but also as a business owner, and perhaps by some peoples definitions, a social entrepreneur.

Dr. Yunus' vision of the future of capitalism as a way to help millions of underprivileged people and repair the world are both bold and inspiring. I applaud the idea of breaking down conventions to create a new business model. But I also believe that there is a 'middle way.' Something in the idea that is less defined by a rigid definition, but that can also benefit people. Have a read, and if you're inspired, share your comments.

I also invite you to visit the Grameen Foundation website to read more about his new book, and the work of the Grameen Foundation. The impact Dr Yunus has had, and the scale in which he and dedicated others are able to assist people in need around the world is nothing short of awe-inspiring. You can be a part of this too.

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