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The Elegant, Green, Non-Paper Paper Plate

We would not dare suggest you use paper plates for your next catered party, wedding party or planned event. Too much preparation and planning goes into your dinner party or special event to compromise with paper plates. Your dinnerware should elevate your event, and accent the food you have worked so hard to prepare.

outdoor dinnerware and an alternative to paper plates

If it is an outdoor event, you want your outdoor dinnerware to reflect the occasion, the setting and the food you are serving. Your options for dinnerware plates are more than paper or plastic. Or even ceramic dinnerware. 

bambu redefined the paper plate when the company introduced Veneeware bamboo plates 10 years ago. Veneerware is referred to as the non-paper (and #plasticfree) paper plate.

Veneerware bamboo plates are a more elegant, more natural, and more beautiful dinnerware option to typical paper plates.

Low-Impact, No-Waste Dinnerware

Paper plates are made from wood fiber. Bamboo plates are not. Paper plates are produced using extremely large amounts of water. Veneerware disposable plates are not. In fact, there is very little water in the production of our bamboo plates. Veneerware plates are made producing virtually no waste. Any 'extra' bamboo material that results from the production is used as fuel for the boilers to heat the water. The water is repurposed in the production process. Veneerware is the low-impact, no waster bamboo dinnerware. 

And only the Veneerware® brand of disposable plates is made from certified organic resources. And because it is made from certified organic bamboo, it is also approved for composting. That's right. When you are done with dinnerware, you can toss them away guilt-free. 

bambu Veneerware is compostable too.

Veneerware outdoor dinnerware

Beautiful, Natural and Sturdy

Regardless of how it is made and from what it is made from, the most important result at the end of the day, is how does it look. And how does it perform. 

bamboo dinnerware plates

You will never be let down, because your plates didn't hold up. Satisfied customers tell us how surprised they are at how sturdy Veneerware plates are. And, if you think they are only for outdoor events, think again. 

Check out events and occasions where customers use our Veneerware bamboo plates for an elegant and natural dinnerware solution.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly 

Plus, it is a great cost savings alternative too. Think about the cost to host a party and your dinnerware options. You may have to rent your ceramic dinnerware. You need to include the rental cost, labor and transportation costs.

If you are using your own, you have to consider your time. And don't forget the water consumption it requires to clean and wash your dishes.

Or you can pick up Veneerware bamboo plates at a store near year. Or online at bambu Shop. Look for our Compostable Dinnerware, and choice from a range of shapes and sizes. And with Veneerware cutlery to match!

Leave behind the hassle and cost and add a touch of class, and natural elegance to your next event. Pick up some Veneerware bamboo plates.


Veneerware natural disposable plates




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