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The Demise of the Honey Bee explained [Video]

This week, we share a fascinating, informative and illustrative video about the cause of Honey Bee colony collapse. It is an intelligent, and descriptive narrative that goes far in explaining the causes and impact of the dwindling population of our Honey Bees.

You can learn about the three root causes below. 


The folks at are the creators of this and other videos that explain things like evolution, time, and space on our planet. They are comprised of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because "it is beautiful."

We have to take better care of our surroundings and the other creatures which inhabit this planet with us. We are dependent on each other. 

We chose to support the Honey Bee Research Lab at Oregon State University. The research group is comprised of a dedicated (and smart) people working to understand more deeply, and reverse the decline of Honey Bees. 

Proceeds from the sales of our 'bee-themed' products go to support the research group. Additionally, we are helping to support the Master Beekeeper's Program (story here).

Supporting healthy eco-systems is in lockstep with who we are as a company, and what's important to all of us. It's starts with awareness. Awareness leads to action.

Thanks for the support!


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