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Made From Food Waste, published in April 2015

The facts concerning food waste are staggering. In the US alone, a whole 40% of the food grown and processed is wasted each year. More than a $160 billion worth of food waste enters the landfills yearly. What waste. This requires a major rethink. We are beginning to see shifts in how people and communities are dealing with waste.

The notion of turning food waste, or any type of waste, into something we can use and enjoy, or up-cycling a product into something else, makes sense to us. We love the idea of transforming waste into beautiful, functional products for daily use.

A major publication has recently been released. MATREC (Sustainable Materials and Trends) has produced a new publication that explores and highlights eco-design. The release of this report coincides with EXPO Milan 2015, whose theme is "feeding the planet, energy for life."

MADE IN FOOD WASTE, was created to expose innovative design products and materials made from food waste.


This is a great read-through, and a substantial resource for anyone interested in new and innovative products in the area of design and sustainability. Download, the 50-page publication HERE. With that much food waste created every year, the source of material is endless.

Our Coconut Bowls are just one example featured in this publication. 



Our Bamboo Pebbles are another example of products made from waste. Although not a food waste, these organically shaped bamboo pebbles are made from the scrap and access material used to make our bamboo utensils and bamboo cutting boards. 

You can read more about our Bamboo Pebbles here.




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