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bambu Scholarship for the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program

We are proud of the ongoing partnerships we have established with two important organizations that support healthy eco-systems. Seafood Watch is one group that we support by donating the proceeds of our sea-themed collection. Seafood Watch and their relationship with Monterey Bay Aquarium promotes sustainable seafood and healthy oceans. 

Honey Bee Research Lab

Honey Bee ResearchIn 2014 we created a partnership program with Honey Bee Research Lab at Oregon State University. Funds are provided to support on-going research to help reverse colony collapse.  We have created our own bee-themed collection of products here.

In 2015, we are working together to establish the first 'bambu scholarship fund' for the Master Beekeeper Program

The Master's Program was established to provide education at the next level by:

  • Encouraging ongoing education of beekeepers at all levels
  • Increasing public awareness of honey bees and beekeeping
  • Supporting best-management practices and consistency in beekeeping practice

    We are pleased to be able to support the next session of students to pursue their interest in beekeeping and further the health of bees and the benefits and enjoyment they provide us.

    Oregon Master Bee Keeper Program - bambu scholarship

     Student, Cait Ride:

    "I am a front yard gardener, urban homesteader, and beekeeper. I live in Hood River, Oregon with my wife, dog, 3 chickens, and 30,000 bees, overlooking the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Photography is a way for me to capture my beekeeping experiences and educate myself and others on the importance of the honey bee and being a conscious environmental steward."

    Cait, pictured above, is one of the several students provided a grant to attend the Beekeeper Master's Program. Good luck with the program, Cait. 

    We'll be sharing more on the students who are participating in the program with a little help from their friends at bambu.



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